Buffalo Bills Stephen Haushcka Says White Folk Need to Step It Up

Buffalo Bills kicker Stephen Haushcka is the latest white NFL player to speak out in favor of the protest movement against police brutality and oppression of people of color in America. 

Haushka, who reportedly was moved to speak after reading the player memo to the league that was presented to commissioner Roger Goodell and executive vice president Troy Vincent earlier this week, told Kimberly Martin of the Buffalo News that white folks need to get up and handle their business regarding inequality in America, and worldwide. 

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Stephen Hauschka Says He Wants to Help Promote Racial Equality – Bleacher Report https://t.co/UFC8LDq8NU #Equality

I think a lot of white people dont understand it and are afraid to be involved, Hauschka said. And I think its important for white people to see there is inequality everywhere in the country right now, and in the world.

The league-wide trend of players protesting during the National Anthem, which only included black participants in the beginning, has recently been supported by Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Chris Long, Cleveland Browns tight end Seth DeValve and Seattle Seahawks center Justin Britt.  

Each of the aforementioned players is white and have supported the actions of other teammates in an ultimate show of unity.  However, as Stephen alluded, there is a great deal more that needs to be done as far as educating the masses is concerned. 

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If you don’t get it, black lives matter TOO! Two white players join Cleveland Browns in NFL’s largest anthem protest https://t.co/4f6qE2ngL5

He went on to say that he hopes increased unity within the NFL on the issues surrounding institutional racism as they relate to contemporary society can serve as an inspiration for the world.

So thats where it comes from: a place of love and caring and wanting to see the world a better place, Haushcka said. I dont have all the answers, I dont even pretend to. But I am open to talking about it and I am open to learning about it with the hopes that one day, either our generation or future generations, can improve racial inequality and how people are treated around the world.

Indeed, Haushcka, you may not have all the answers.  But at least youre looking for some. That does count for something. 

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