“BS High” Showcases One Of Sports’ Greatest Failures And Some Ruined Lives

The Bishop Sycamore High School football program in Columbus, Ohio, was one of the most infamous “organizations” ever.

The fabricated football program’s story is one of the most exciting and laughable scenarios we’ve seen in sports history, and now HBO will be documenting it all.

The network recently revealed that they have a documentary called “BS High” on the infamous fake high school/football team. This documentary features the different players who were deceived, promised the opportunity to go on and play at some of the top Power 5 Colleges such as Alabama, but of course, were never going to have that chance.

The Bishop?

Also featured in the documentary, set to premiere on Aug. 23, are the coaches who led this facade and the negligent people inside the high school athletics system that allowed this scheme of deception to occur.

Featuring interviews from head coach Roy Johnson, as well as athletics director Andre Peterson, they tell their side of the story, providing insight into the rouse and the impact it had on the players who joined the team.

After the truth about Bishop Sycamore inevitably came out in 2021, plenty of football dreams were ruined for many players, and The New York Times explained the stories of several players in a lengthy piece.

Running back Mario Agyen, a former Bishop Sycamore player, felt the sting when the team was exposed, but fortunately, he’s one of the rare success stories.

Agyen, who eventually went to Louisville, would go on and attempt to become a campus walk-on. He now plays running back for the Louisville Cardinals and is a redshirt junior with a bright future.

As a high schooler at John F. Kennedy High and Northern Highlands, Agyen amassed over 3,500 rushing yards. So, it is no surprise that he stuck to his grind after the Bishop Sycamore fiasco and now plays football at Louisville.

Silver Lining

A polar opposite story from Bishop Sycamore alums is Rodney Atkins. Atkins played quarterback for Bishop Sycamore and was instrumental in recruiting multiple players to the school. But once the school and football team were discovered to be fraudulent, this sent Atkins into a downward spiral.

According to the NYT, Atkins began “second-guessing” all of his decisions and returned to his former school to play, but by the end of that season, he was living out of his car. Atkins was also said to be “broken” and is now in a Bronx hospital psychiatric ward.

There are multiple extremes of the different lives this scam affects, and “BS High” is looking to cover the bulk of it.

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