Kevin Hart and Rich Paul Producing Documentary About Bishop Sycamore Fiasco


It looks as if Bishop Sycamore hasn’t made its final appearance on TV.

After the embattled school lost 58-0 to national power IMG Academy on ESPN — a loss that subsequently ignited a national dialogue about the school’s legitimacy and inspired a barrage of social media memes — Kevin Hart has teamed up with NBA super agent Rich Paul to turn the story into a documentary series.



Bishop Sycamore Saga Makes The Big Screen 

According to Deadline, Hart and Paul have secured interviews with present and former players and coaches to paint a vivid picture of how the Bishop Sycamore saga unfolded.

“As soon as I started following this story, I was immediately drawn to it and knew it was something that myself and my team at HartBeat had to dive into it. HBP thrives in the docu-series space, Hart advised Deadline. “We understand how to break down stories and capture the most interesting and honest moments in a narrative. We know this con comes with a robust backstory and we cannot wait to share it with the world.”


Hart and Paul better be going to production soon because they have creative competition from some heavy hitters as far as telling the story of Bishop Sycamore is concerned.




If Strahan has exclusive access to Bishop Sycamore head coach Roy Johnson, then Hart and Paul have to maneuver without the input of the guy who masterminded the entire charade.

Hart and Paul are in the early stages of development according to reports. They are presently looking for a showrunner and editors, and the sequence doesn’t yet have a broadcaster. There are also plans to create a scripted model of the story along with the documentary.


Bishop Sycamore Catfishes High School Football


There’s no scarcity of fabric for Hart and Paul to make use of within the documentary. Everything from Bishop Sycamore’s status as an educational institution to the age of the players, has been in question. Lawsuits continue to engulf the school.

In fact, the Canton Lodge reported to the police that the team wrote invalid checks for their stay.



The true star of the doc should be Coach Roy Johnson. The mastermind is not only a con, but currently has a bench warrant in Delaware County. Johnson has an unpaid judgment, in an assault case.


When High School Football Misses The Mark 

In the world of glamourous high school sports, and the notoriety that comes with it, cheating happens. Some organizations don’t play fair.

What Bishop Sycamore did is beyond the lines of acceptable. The adults in charge of the situation need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Putting eligible age players at risk by pitting them against kids who should be in college is dangerous, reprehensible even.

Finally, ESPN and Paragon Marketing Group who sets the games were duped into this and they should be ashamed of themselves for falling for the proverbial okey-doke.

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