Brook Lopez Is Oklahoma City’s Western Conference Arms Race Entry

If you've witnessed Mason Plumlee wrecking rims off the bench and stamping rejection signatures on weak shots around the rim, the news that Brook Lopez is on the trading block isn't a surprise, and may not be a negative.

Originally, Lopez was a major cog in a three-team swap that would result in Lance Stephenson returning home to Brooklyn. Charlotte has bowed out, leaving the Nets and Thunder to negotiate with themselves.

Reportedly, a deal is in the works involving Lopez. The Thunder would surrender guard Jeremy Lamb and the expiring contract of Kendrick Perkins, the league's highest paid player per point.

Assumng Lopez can remain healthy, he'll provide a post scoring alternative to the Thunder, while the Nets move on with Plumlee goin' hard in the paint. This month, Plumlee is averaging 15.1 points and nine rebounds per game in 30 minutes a night while Lopez is good for 15.3 points and 7.2 rebounds in 25 minutes an evening, but is due 32.4 milion over the next two years.

Meanwhile, Plumlee is doing things like this on a rookie scale contract.