Brett Hundley Has The Impossible Task Of Replacing Aaron Rodgers

Thats kind of how the world works when you take over for a legend in the middle of a promising season. Everything bad with the Green Bay Packers is Brett Hundleys fault. Despite the fact that Aaron Rodgers has lost at least 6 games in four of the past five seasons, analysts, fans and Rodgers worshippers will say that Green Bay would have won every game Hundley starts if Rodgers was playing. 

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Watching Brett Hundley…. #MNF

Doesnt matter if Johnny Unitas was playing on Monday night, with the way Matt Stafford was ripping through Green Bays secondary for 362 yards and two TDs while joining Dan Marino, Peyton Manning and Brett Favre in the record books, it was unlikely the Packers were going to defeat a Detroit team that was focused on both sides of the ball.  

At 29 years old, Stafford becomes just the fourth quarterback in NFL history to throw for 200 TDs before his 30th birthday. In terms of games played, Stafford is the sixth fastest QB in history to reach 200 touchdown passes. Marino did it the quickest (89 games), followed by Rodgers (99), Manning (106), Favre (107) and Tom Brady (116 games). 

The Packers lost their third straight game since Hundley took over, but coach Mike McCarthy says he still thinks Hundley is his man.

I believe in Brett, and thats not just a press conference statement, McCarthy said. Hes got what it takes. He has it in his body, he has it in his mind, and he definitely has the heart.

Maybe NFL fans dont realize how hard it is for a guy who was drafted in 2015 and didnt play a snap that season to work his way to backup this season and then get thrown into the fire unexpectedly when the best QB in the sport according to some breaks his collarbone five games into the season. 

The social media matrix has focused on Hundleys lack of success and Rodgers absence instead of the progress the young QB is making with each game. He’s becoming the convenient brunt of memes and internet jokes. Like he sucks or something. 

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Brett Hundley trying to get out of the Packers stadium after the game . #DETvsGB #Lions #Packers

The former UCLA Bruin, just 24 years old,  hasnt been totally inept and at times he seems to have a command of the offense. He still has a half season to continue to grow and learn, and the coaching staff obviously has to make some adjustments to maximize Hundley’s talents.  

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I said before the draft I wasn’t a big fan of Brett Hundley, and I’m still not.

Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy has recognized this and he knows that Hundley is his best option at this point. Losing a player of Rodgers magnitude would be rough for any team. There isnt a backup that you can bring in anywhere in the world that can duplicate what Rodgers has provided over a Hall of Fame career. Green Bay is 4-4. Its a familiar place that they have been in with Rodgers many times.  

Hundleys final numbers werent shabby. He completed 26 of 38 passes for 245 yards, ran for a touchdown and didnt have any turnovers, but he couldnt muster the huge offensive comeback needed to go blow for blow with a Lions offense that had two receivers go for a buck.  The Green Bay defense played miserably and both sides of the ball play off each other in NFL football. 

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Packers coach Mike McCarthy: ‘Brett Hundley is not our issue right now’

Hundley just needs to hang in there. If Packers fans cant realize that hopping into Rodgers’ shoes midseason is an entirely different animal than starting the season with the first team in practice, getting reps and developing chemistry during the preseason, then they are living in another world. 

Hundley got about as tough a draw as you can get and hes keeping his team in games. Hes just not going to win them by himself.  

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