Former Syracuse Basketball Player Brendan Paul Was A Shooter On and Off The Court | Diddy’s Alleged Gun and Drug Mule Produced On ‘The Love Album’

The P. Diddy saga has made its way into the sports realm, as former Syracuse guard Brendan Paul was arrested while with Combs, on two drug-related charges, per Miami-Dade (Florida) County police reports. 

The arrest was reportedly not connected to the federal raid on the rapper’s Los Angeles and Miami properties amid an alleged sex trafficking investigation, but that didn’t stop social media from having a field day as the walls continue to close in on the Bad Boy records founder.   

Paul, believed to be Diddy’s drug mule, was arrested at Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport on felony charges for possession of suspected cocaine and possession of suspected marijuana candy. 

According to reports, officers found cocaine and edibles in Paul’s travel bags. Paul was released on a $2,500 bond Tuesday, and he has a hearing set for April 24.

Paul Worked With Diddy As Producer After Hoops Career Fizzled Out At Syracuse

Paul joined legendary coach Jim Boeheim and Syracuse men’s basketball team as a freshman walk-on with long range bombing abilities in 2018, playing in 16 games over two seasons. In his first season, Syracuse finished sixth in the Big East and went 20-14.

Paul sat behind guards such as Adrian “Red” Autry, who is now the head coach of the program. In 2019, Paul averaged 0.4 points per game, Syracuse had another average season, going 18-14. He finished his collegiate career at Division II Fairmont State, playing in 35 games across two seasons for the Fighting Falcons.

It’s unknown where along his life’s journey, he met Diddy and allegedly became a drug procurer for the super producer and business mogul, who is facing several damaging civil suits that could be used to compile a criminal case against him.

It’s reported that Paul, who played at Syracuse after attending Brewster Academy, a private boarding school in New Hampshire, and Hawken High School in Ohio, was a producer on Diddy’s “The Love Album,” which is likely how they hooked up. 

Paul Accused Of Transporting Drugs and Guns For Diddy

Paul, who was arrested while with Diddy as the two men attempted to board the mogul’s private jet, was recently named in a lawsuit filed by Rodney Jones, a music producer, who alleged that the former ’Cuse bench player was Combs’ “mule” and worked to obtain and distribute guns for the rapper.

In the lawsuit, Jones also says he “personally witnessed” Paul either transport or try to transport illegal drugs on flights between L.A., Miami, Virginia, the Caribbean, and London on three occasions. 

Feds Building Case Against Diddy, His Relationships Will Be Tested

When the feds turn up an investigation and start raiding houses and arresting people, it usually means they have most of the pieces they need to get a conviction and force a plea. 

Everyone connected to Diddy is going to get pressured and Diddy better hope Paul is the best friend he ever had because the Feds have him on transporting charges and his best option will be to sing like a bird. We know it’s not him they want. 

The P. Diddy saga has made its way into the sports realm, as former Syracuse guard Brendan Paul was arrested while with Combs, on two drug-related charges, per Miami-Dade (Florida) County police reports.
The P. Diddy saga has made its way into the sports realm, as former Syracuse guard Brendan Paul was arrested while with Combs, on two drug-related charges, per Miami-Dade (Florida) County police reports.

Paul’s attorney, Brian Bieber, told The Athletic, “We do not plan on trying this case in the media — all issues will be dealt with in court.”

The lawyer is probably already finding out what kind of deal can be worked for Paul. 

Social media was perplexed that Diddy was not arrested along with Paul, but he hasn’t been officially charged with anything. A rumor started circulating on X that Diddy might be a fed himself, a snitch working with law enforcement, as Kanye West once alluded too.

That’s pretty far-fetched considering the seriousness of what he’s been accused of and the fact that he already paid his ex-girlfriend Cassie a bag for her past pain and suffering, allegedly at his hands during their relationship. 

Surviving P. Diddy

Historically, from B.I.G. to Diddy’s former personal assistant and valet Fonzworth Bentley to Brendan Paul, anyone considered a “right hand man” or “assistant” to Combs has met an unfavorable fate at some point. 

Last week, rapper Ma$e tried to let everyone know why he felt blessed that he got away from the Bad Boy scene after his falling out with Diddy over money owed. The former rap headliner shocked the world when he retired from the game and became a pastor.

Then he joined fellow Harlem rapper and former high school basketball teammate Cam’ron Giles and formed the hit “It Is What It Is” sports and entertainment podcast. 

This professional relationship brings a new lawyer of complexity into the dynamic between the worlds of sports, law enforcement and entertainment. 

Yung Miami Caught Up In Diddy Drama

Rapper Yung Miami, formerly of the rap group City Girls had a very public but odd situationship with Diddy and was also caught up in the social media frenzy surrounding this latest turn of events. 

According to an affidavit her name was mentioned along with Paul’s concerning an incident where she allegedly trafficked “pink cocaine” for Diddy via air transportation, when Paul failed to do so.  

Nothing appears to be crystal clear at this point other than Diddy is in bad shape and the people closest to him will be pressured to reveal all they know in a court of law, probably in some kind of deal to save their own skin. 

Of course, Diddy denies everything, and his lawyers denounced the raid, calling it a witch-hunt and a “gross overuse of military level force.”

As the layers of this situation are peeled back, piece by piece, the entire legacy of the man formerly known as Puff Daddy and the toxic culture of the current hip-hop industry that he played a commanding role in shaping, gets closer to its moment of truth.

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