BREAKING: Ryan Coogler Will Write And Direct Black Panther Sequel

A return to Wakanda will be led once again by Coogler.

Huge news coming out of Wakanda today as we learned that Ryan Coogler, the man behind the lens of the billion dollar smash “Black Panther”, will be returning for the sequel.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Coogler has signed on to both write and direct the sequel, which he will begin doing next year. 

Black Panther was a massive hit for Marvel, and bringing back Coogler was basically a must for the studio, so this is good news for Chadwick Boseman and comic book fans. The bad news is that we all have to wait another year or two for the film to hit theaters as, according to The Hollywood Reporter, production wouldn’t start until later 2019 or early 2020. In addition, with the next Avengers movie slated for May of 2019 and the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming scheduled for later that summer, T’Challa and company must wait the go ahead from Disney.

But for now, we can all celebrate that the anticipated return to Wakanda will be happening.

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