Brandon Browner’s Bizarre Behavior Continues With Latest Charges

It seems as if those disturbing stories about current and ex-NFL players committing crimes while exhibiting bizarre and aggressive behavior are creeping up more frequently these days. 

The latest to wild out and be accused of engaging in criminal activity is former New England Patriots cornerback Brandon Browner, who was arrested on Sunday in California after allegedly breaking into a home and refusing to let the woman inside leave, police said.

The Boston Globe on Twitter

Former #Patriots cornerback Brandon Browner was arrested on Sunday in California after allegedly breaking into a home and refusing to let the woman inside leave, according to an NBC report.

Via The incident happened Sunday morning in La Verne, according to a press release from the La Verne police department. Browner was identified as the alleged intruder and charged with kidnapping, burglary, false imprisonment, and violation of a restraining order, according to an NBC Los Angeles report about the arrest.

Browner allegedly physically harmed and threatened to kill the woman after breaking in shortly after 10 a.m., police said. When she tried to flee, he allegedly forced her back inside, police said.

Browner also reportedly stole a $20,000 Rolex. 

The woman had a previous relationship with Browner, who had been arrested for domestic violence and is legally restrained from her, according to police.

Michael Giardi on Twitter

has had a litasny of issues since his departure from Foxboro (and one or two before then as well)

When I hear stories like this, my mind immediately shifts to the thousands of retired football players in financial ruins and mentally afflicted with CTE or some kind of brain damage that makes it hard for them to function and evokes erratic behavior.  

A large percentage of these guys are too embarrassed, scared and in denial to even seek help. Some have been living with mental health issues and trying to survive as their quality of life slips away like water down a drain. 

Not making excuses for Browners actions, but he was just thriving as part of the 2013 Seahawks and 2014 Patriots Super Bowl squads. He was instrumental in Malcolm Butlers last-minute interception in 2014, which helped sealed the win for the Patriots and robbed Russell Wilson of back-to back Super Bowl titles. 

Since his Foxboro glory days, Browners  been experiencing a series of legal troubles, doing break-ins and kidnapping women. Damn. Has he suddenly just become a bad guy? Was he always this ruthless? What changed him? Why is he acting out in a mentally disturbed manner? 

It makes me cringe every time I hear a story about a once proud and respected football player becoming a ward of the criminal justice system, suffering an early death, going crazy or getting into violent domestic situations. 

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