Bloomberg’s Soda Ban Under Scrutiny From The NAACP

Mayor Bloomberg now has more opposition on his ban on sodas over 16 ounces. The NAACP and the Hispanic Federation both agree the ban will have a greater negative affect on minority-owned businesses.

“This sweeping regulation will no doubt burden and disproportionally impact minority-owned businesses at a time when these businesses can least afford it."

I’m a living testimony of how eliminating sugary drinks from your diet can result in better health and weight loss.  I haven’t had a soda or any high fructose beverage since September of last year and I’ve lost weight doing so along with an improved diet and exercise.

That said, I also have the privilege of access to stores like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and Publix. I also own a car and live in driving distance of several farmers’ markets.  I can afford a gym membership and have safe areas to jog in. These are all factors that make it much easier for to take control of my health.

Sadly, most of the people affected by this ban aren’t so fortunate. A ban on these sugary drinks is only window dressing. People won’t get healthier until you give them education and access to better options.

I commend Bloomberg’s work in making restaurants post the calorie count on their menus and barring artificial trans-fat. But this soda ban isn’t helping anyone because it doesn’t get close to the core problems.

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