Blake Griffin Checks Timberwolves’ Fan After Being Called ‘Boy’

Fan comments are increasingly crossing the line in more ways than one.

After recent altercations between players and heckling fans, the NBA is now forced to talk about the elephant in the arena — overly aggressive and racist comments from fans.

These series of events are becoming all too “normal”, especially for players of color. Russell Westbrook recently had to check two Utah Jazz fans after being told, “get down on your knees like you’re used to”.

A video of PistonsBlake Griffin has since surfaced in which Griffin confronts a Minnesota Timberwolves fan with “You wanna f*ck with me”?

According to reports, it was believed that the fan had heckled the NBA star and that Griffin confronted the fan because he was reportedly suffering from the flu before the game. And of course, people wanted to know, what did the fan say?

Pistons reporter Vince Ellis said that the interaction was caused because the heckler called Griffin “boy.”


The Jazz fans have now been banned from the arena for life. This incident prompted Ellis to share Griffin’s story and shed light on the on-going issue in the league.

Question is, what actions will take place?  Is the consequence of being banned enough to stop fans from heckling athletes with racist comments?

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