Westbrook Reminds Racist Fans They Paid For Their Seats, But Not For His Hands

The always authentic Russell Westbrook had something to say.

Last night, the Oklahoma City Thunder were the visiting team against the Utah Jazz when two fans were caught on camera having an exchange with NBA All-Star Guard Russell Westbrook that was far from pleasant.

During the post-game conference, Westbrook clarified what people social media saw from his perspective.

There are only so many ways “Get down on your knees like you’re used to” can be taken. Westbrook has every right to speak on the concept of respect and disrespect. In a post MAGA world, racist fans should be thankful more Malice In The Palace events aren’t happening.

If you’ve been on any type of travel team, AAU, tough skin is required to play when you’re on the highest level. But while at the pro level, almost every franchise has had a race moment both large or small, but some teams just stick out. Stories about the Utah Jazz fans are decades old.

Shane Keisel, and his wife add on to that Utaz Jazz with this response that reeks of white privilege combined with that familiar selective memory. It’s like he’s never been taxed by someone Black in real time.

A quick Twitter search will show you what type of sports fan Shane Keisel is, and that energy doesn’t reflect in his post-game response. This is the type of fandom is an excuse to goad grown black men into situations, that the average black person can’t retaliate from.

This is the type of fandom that would tell LeBron James to “get over it” when the N word is sprayed against his house during the NBA Playoffs. This is the type of fandom that will no longer be tolerated from the players of this game.

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