Black Dynamite Returns

The American Black Film Festival went into its second day in grand fashion on a Friday, as industry insiders, sponsors and journalists alike checked snippets from the second season of the Blaxploitation animated series, Black Dynamite.  On hand for the season two premiere were producer/actor Michael Jai White, actor Byron Minns, director Carl Jones, Scott Fuselier, and Adult Swim Director of Program Development Walter Newman. “It is a lot of work," said Jones, during a Q&A that followed the screening. “Just conceptualizing the shows and getting the story right in the writer’s room, all the way to writing the scripts themselves is months of that type of development. Then the actual production process is… We’re still in production now." 

In the past, Michael Jackson, Richard Pryor and Muhammad Ali have all been targets of this witty venture. But the second season takes it up a notch with jokes fired at Mr. Rogers, Wood Allen, Al Sharpton and slew of other celebrities. Black Dynamite takes things to another level and pushes the boundaries of what is and what is not acceptable on television. Saying that the snippets shown were “hilarious” is an understatement.

“We’re not even done.  We would have like to have shown you guys even more, but this is all we have ready right now,” Jones added. “We’re still working through it.  What you have to understand is usually we have three or four episodes in production at one time.”

Although Black Dynamite’s second season is slated for release in October, you can check local listings for reruns on Adult Swim. 

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