Black Cop Sues Obama, Farrakhan, Sharpton and Hillary in Crazy Lawsuit

Ever so often we come across a story that seems too farcical to be taken seriously. One of those “Aliens land on White House lawn” type of tabloid headlines that used to draw the attention of the geriatric generation while in the five items or less line with 20 items, and 30 coupons. But further examination revealed it was actual fact.

The Dallas Morning News reports 17-year veteran Sgt. Demetrick Pennie, President of the Dallas Fallen Officers Foundation is suing for between $500 million and $1.5 billion in a complaint filed in federal court. The defendants in the class action suit are Black Lives Matter, President Barack Obama; presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton; the Rev. Al Sharpton; NOI leader Louis Farrakhan and billionaire George Soros, a self-described social activist. The charge? Inciting a race war! I kid you not! 

Defendants incite people to violence and cause violence by telling those people that they are under attack. Defendants are encouraging disaffected blacks, Black Muslims, Muslims and others allied with them including certain whites to ignore, disrespect, and assault law enforcement officials, and commit violence and lethal force, the lawsuit states, according to the paper.

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(Pennie attending the funeral of a fellow DPD officer who died during ambush)

He also claims the defendants have “have repeatedly incited their supporters and others to engage in threats of and attacks to cause serious bodily injury or death upon police officers and other law enforcement persons of all races and ethnicities.”

All preconceived notions of racial identity aside, you may have guessed by the name of the plaintiff that he is a Black man. As is often the case during times of social upheaval, individuals who have vested interest in maintaining the status quo scramble to find a proxy for their worldview amid the disenfranchised. Back in the day these types of people were called house Negros, but in this age of political correctness amid political impudence we call them dissenters. Pennie doesn’t see himself as anything but blue.  So any comment or insult as to his racial identity is toothless.

But who is the puppet master this time around? None other than Freedom Watch founder Larry Klayman, who is representing Pennie in this case. The right winger is described by the Southern Povery Law Center as “pathlogically litigious” and has denounced the president as a “crypto-Communist Muslim.” He also sued his own mother.

So, it’s clear that he puts petty-sauce on just about everything. But as far as the “brother” that’s down for doing this ish? Wow! Nothing more, nothing less. Just wow.  

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