Bill Parcells Defends How Jerry Jones Runs The ‘Boys

There's a lot of public debate on Jerry Jones' heavy-handedness with the team he owns. That's actually kind of silly when you think about it, but the Cowboys have long been considered "America's team" (whatever that means) and Jones has always been a polarizing figure. 

For the past several years, an oft-repeated criticism is that Jones is too bull-headed to hire a general manager and allow someone else to primarily make the football decisions. One of his former coaches, with a lot more credibility than the one he has now, agrees with the way Jerry gets down. 

Here's Bill Parcells on the Cowboys website defending his former boss:

“But Jerry isn’t like that. You want to be somewhere where it’s important to the people and certainly it’s a high-profile franchise without question,” Parcells said, via the team’s website. “I just felt like those are the kinds of things I look forward to. I was trying to do something at a place like that. I like them. I think they’re a good group. I think they’re passionate. I think they’re trying to be successful in the business. Hey, that’s all a coach can ask for.”

They still need to start winning, though. 

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