Big Baller Brand Begins Lithuanian Takeover

Unsurprisingly,the Ball Brothers and dad LaVar were swarmed by media when they arrived in Lithuania to begin the international takeover phase of Big Baller Brand athletic and marketing conquests.

Vilnius airport was packed with fans and media trying to get a piece of Americas most controversial and popular basketball family. 

Donatas Urbonas on Twitter

Insane. Ball family came to Lithuania, Absolute chaos in Vilnius airport

LaVar was in typical form, talking big and downplaying any possible negative effect this move could have on his family. 

He told a reporter that Its about to be short for Lithuania – lit.

The boys are already rock stars in Lithuania, a country that has a strong basketball history. Their likenesses are already featured on the official Twitter page for the Lithuanian club they will be playing for (Vytautas Prienai).  

BC Vytautas (OFFICIAL) on Twitter

LaVars masterful marketing machine is expanding to another orbit in 2018 despite the shoplifting mishap in China and the verbal spat with Donald Trump in 2017. While there is still a large group of journalists and media types who dont particularly like the way LaVar is going about building his empire and using his kids as pawns in his power game, the results are always favorable with any money-driven move Ball has made. And from the initial reaction to the familys arrival in Lithuania, it appears that the country is theirs to own if they want it. 

Still, some folks like ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, still dont like it. 

I dont like it, Smith said on First Take Thursday morning. I give credit to LaVar Ball. He is achieving his objective of building notoriety for his Big Baller Brand… There are people who can take notes and lessons from it. I don’t like who its being built around. We don’t even know if  (Melo and LiAngelo) can play Division -1 basketball…What I want to see are proven commodities and individuals that have shown that they are worthy of the hype they are receiving.

Donatas Urbonas on Twitter

Ball family arrived to their new home in Lithuania. LaVar was excited about his trip to Birtonas: ‘It’s nice and warm! It feels good, feels good. I like the hospitality. Beautiful people. Love it, love it!’ ErikasOvarenko/

Many people have compared the rising stardom of the Ball Brothers to the Kardashians and how the daughters rose from obscurity to worldwide fame without accomplishing much outside of being marketed well on TV by their mother. 

All of this hype is because Daddy has successfully gone about his business of marketing the Big Baller brand and props to him, Smith ranted. I’m looking at the two players and saying what have we seen from them that warrants all of this?”

The boys will debut on January 9th in a 1,200 set arena that is already sold out. The Ball effect is already sweeping through Lithuania. The club has even found an exclusive U.S. distributor to sell the boys overseas jerseys in their hometown United States. 

Shams Charania on Twitter

As LaMelo and LiAngelo Ball near pro debuts, Lithuanian club Vytautas Prienai finds exclusive U.S. distributor to sell the brothers’ jerseys in America. Story:

Get ready for the next phase in LaVar Balls Big Baller Brand takeover. Its sure to keep the Twitter heads and bloggers busy and has given new life to the Lithuanian journalists who have waited careers for something like this to make their bylines and video cuts global news. 

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