Big Baby Miller On Why He’s Got Real Smoke For Anthony Joshua

Oh, Big Baby is definitely mad mad.

Anthony Joshua converged on to New York City to formally announce his June 1st fight against Jarrell Miller at MSG.

Before the media only press conference, TSL was invited to a private roundtable with each fighter. “Big Baby” Miller kept it funky and revealed the source of his animus with Joshua.

Miller believes that Joshua is a genuine fake.

[jwplayer U9lHbijW]


He espoused on his belief that Joshua is putting on a role model act but is anything but. To Miller, Joshua is a capitalist playing a role for financial gain. He described his frustration with the way the media has portrayed him courtesy of his promoter’s healthy bank account.

As a result, for Miller, Anthony Joshua is the English equivalent of an Uncle Tom. Which he called him multiple times.  However, he never really described why.

[jwplayer mmddeAMB-lHcfCBkA]


It exposes a cultural difference between the Englishman and the street kid from Brooklyn. To Miller, AJ’s sophistication and poise is a signal for a bourgeoisie mentality. He disregards that English culture is more refined and antiquated. Instead, Miller resents what he perceives as pretentiousness.

As a result, Joshua has simply written off Miller as a hater and seems ready to try and destroy him. Choosing Madison Square Garden to fight is one thing, but later Joshua revealed he will train in Gleason’s in Brooklyn too.

With Miller being a Brooklyn native, Joshua is showing his ability to stay in the head of Miller. One thing is for sure, this fight is shaping up nicely.

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