Roy Jones Jr. Should Be Remembered For His Undeniable Greatness

Roy Jones Jr., one of the greatest boxers of all time, is making his final walk to the ring tonight at the Bay Center in Pensacola, Florida. Uniquely, the former multiple-time champion is distributing the fight live and exclusively on the UFC Fight Pass, the UFCs digital streaming service.  

It feels different,” said Jones via press release. “Im emotional even thinking about how Im going to feel on the day. Im almost tearing up talking. Im worried about how I am going to feel all day of the fight. I may be crying all day but once I am in the ring Ill have to put those tears away because theres gonna be a guy in the other corner looking to beat me. Scott Sigmon wont care about those tears. He cares about getting the win, thats the reality.”

Top 20 Greatest Roy Jones Jr Knockouts | HD 60FPS

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In the last fight of a Hall of Famer career which began three decades ago, Jones, 65-9 with 47 KO’s, will face the aggressive Sigmon, 30-11-1 with 16 KO’s, in a cruiserweight main event. The card features both boxing and mixed martial arts bouts and is presented by Joness own organization, Square Ring Promotions.

Roy Jones has had a long and distinguished career,” said UFC President Dana White via press release. “We have wanted to work together for a long time and Im glad that I could bring his final fight to all the fans who have UFC FIGHT PASS.

Bernard Hopkins Vs Roy Jones Jr. I full fight

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As of late, Jones has cemented himself as an expert color commentator and analyst for HBO Boxing telecasts. However, his legacy will always be centered around his indomitable presence in the ring. 

His prodigious talent was first on international display 30 years ago, when he was awarded the prestigious Val Barker trophy as the most outstanding boxer of the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, despite being robbed of the Gold Medal by shady judges. Turning professional in May 1989, he stormed the middleweight division en route to winning the first of many world titles by beating future legend Bernard Hopkins in May 1993.

“It was a good fight for my first world title,” Jones said. “The thing about that fight was I just wanted to make sure I stayed smart and I stayed focused because one of the first goals in my life was to turn professional and become a world champion. I felt a lot of pressure on my back because this was what Id worked so hard to do for all those years. I fought the fight with one hand due to injury, but I did what I needed to become world champion.

A year later, Jones cemented his status as the greatest fighter of his generation when he dominated the fearsome, undefeated James Toney to become the champion of the super-middleweight division. An eight-year reign atop the light heavyweight class followed from 1996 before, on March 1, 2003, Jones jumped all the way up to heavyweight and defeated the vastly bigger John Ruiz for the WBA heavyweight title.

I turned professional in May 1989 in this same arena, but Ive been doing this since 1979,” he said. “In 39 years theres not been a single day where I didnt put on glove, skip, watch tape or spend time thinking about boxing.” 

Roy Jones Jr. vs. James “Lights Out” Toney – November 18, 1994 – HQ

James Toney vs. Roy Jones Jr. (w) – THE UNCIVIL WAR Jump to: navigation, search 1994-11-18 : Roy Jones Jr. 168 lbs beat James Toney 167 lbs by UD. Location: MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Referee: Richard Steele Judge: John Stewart 119-108 Judge: Jerry Roth 118-109 Judge: Glen Hamada 117-110 International Boxing Federation Super Middleweight Title (4th defense of Toney) Notes Toney down in the 3rd round.

“Boxing has been my life and it is my life. Ive enjoyed every moment of it. So much of it is still fresh (in my mind), not one thing but so much jumps out when I look back representing my country at the Olympics in 1988, becoming a world champion for the first time, becoming the No.1 pound-for-pound vs James Toney, winning the world heavyweight title like it was all yesterday.

In three decades as a professional boxer, Joness hit-list also includes Mike McCallum, Montell Griffin, Virgil Hill, Julio Csar Gonzlez, Antonio Tarver and Felix Trinidad. 

The great thing today is it dont matter what anyone says or what anyone writes, you can type sickest boxing highlights into YouTube or Google and you see Roy Jones Junior doing this thing. Nobody can change your mind after you see that. That is pound-for-pound! I did what I did it happened it is a fact. Nobody else comes close. You can watch me side-by-side with anyone and its not close.”

During an era when money is at the root of all matchups, Jones took on all challenges in different weight classes to prove he was truly one of the best, if not the best, of his generation. It is a fact that makes you look at Floyd Mayweather’s claim of being “TBE” or “the best ever” through a different prism.

Roy Jones Jr. – Ya’ll Must Have Forgot (video)

Roy Jones Jr. – Ya’ll Must Have Forgot (video)

Floyd Mayweather was TBE (The Best Ever) at making money, but look at his highlights and look at mine. You cant pretend its the same. You cant pretend theres ever been anyone come close to doing what I did. Nobody you could name could touch me – and Im talking about nobody whos around now, nobody who was around in my prime, and nobody who was around any time you can mention outta your mouth.”

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