Best Reactions To Arya, Lady Mormont And The Battle Of Winterfell

Twitter goes crazy over the Battle of Winterfell in Game Of Thrones.

This weekend was emotional enough with everything that went down in “Avengers: Endgame”. But fans knew there was one more battle to be had this weekend, and that was the battle for Winterfell in “Game of Thrones.”

People were speculating who would live and who would die in this epic battle (well, mostly who would die). and there were shocks, jaw dropping moments and jumping-off-the-sofa excitement as the battle unfolded (dark as hell as it was).

If you haven’t seen last night’s episode, you might want to stop reading now. If you are still catching your breath after watching it, read on brave survivors, for here are the best reactions to the soon to be historic Battle of Winterfell episode.

We have to start with Arya Stark, for she is now the Queen Bey of the show:


As for Lady Mormont, we’ve salute you for going out like G, OG, triple OG.

Shout out to Jorah, Theon, Melisandre and basically every Dothraki warrior in the land for going out hard and trying to save Winterfell. We salute you. And a big, special shout out to Greyworm and Missandei for being the only two Black people in the North, and surviving. People, you know the deal.

Now it’s time to turn South and deal with green eyed Cersei. You heard the “green eyed” part, right Arya?