Benzino Shot By Nephew

Reports began to first ripple through the Internet about Raymond Scott aka Benzino being struck repeatedly by gunfire en route to the funeral of Ms. Mary Scott, his mother. Even one who is not a fan of his reality show can be appalled at the utter calamity involved in the sad, sordid affair of a former publisher of The Source Magazine and current co-publisher of Hip-Hop Weekly.

According to, Benzino was shot Saturday March 29 while in the procession for his mother’s memorial service in Duxbury. The bullets came from a family member, Benzino’s nephew, 36-year-old Gai Scott. Family members say Benzino and his nephew had simmering tension between them for some time. Gai was placed under arrest, charged with armed assault with intent to murder.  A Benzino representative released this statement to

"He was shot in the shoulder while attending his mom funeral. By his side is his Dad, long time business partner Dave Mays, friend Stevie J and his fiancée Althea Heart. At this time we ask that you keep Benzino in your prayers as we are hoping for a speedy recovery."

Gai Scott will be arraigned in Plymouth District Court Monday. Godspeed to Raymond Scott for a speedy recovery. 


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