Cincinnati Bengals Players Want Colin Kaepernick

Marvin Lewis has handled his share of scandals, controversies and put out some small fires during his tenure in Cincinnati. These days, when folks arent screaming for his job, hes dealing with questions about his quarterback Andy Dalton, who has struggled over the past several seasons as far as asserting himself as a legit star QB. The numbers say hes approaching elite territory, but his playoff failures suggest that the 29-year-old out of TCU has maxed out on his potential. and he’s got  rep for not being able to rise to the occasion. 

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Andy Dalton is the anti-Russell Wilson. You can always count on him failing in crunch time.

The Bengals have started the season 0-2 and according to NFL Network stats, teams who start of 0-2 have a 10.5 percent chance of making the playoffs.

Things change quickly in the NFL where the regular season is short, swift and every possession and point counts. Dalton and the Bengals have been plagued with inconsistencies since the Red Rifle entered the league in 2011. In past seasons, Dalton has put up some big numbers with very little impact and hes losing support by the boatloads. In this seasons first two games Dalton threw four interceptions and lost a fumble while throwing for 394 total yards. His inability to lead his squad into the endzone on Thursday in a close loss to the Houston Texans is what prompted a reported “near mutiny” by players that forced HC Lewis to fire offensive coordinator Ken Zampese. 

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Source: “Near mutiny” from Bengals players forced the hand of Marvin Lewis to fire OC Ken Zampese

To put the firing into perspective, it marked the first time in the team’s 50-year history that an offensive coordinator was fired during the season. It was obvious somebody had to go. Zampese has now been replaced by Bill Lazor, who reports say might want to make a switch to backup AJ McCarron before the entire team revolts. Dalton’s not using his weapons and the players are frustrated. 

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Frustrated AJ Green says “I feel like I could have made a lot of plays in the game if I were given opportunities” @WLWT #Bengals

Therefore, Zampeses firing doesnt satisfy the teams hunger for change. Some Bengals players want Dalton on the pine. In fact, latest reports say the Bengals players want the team to consider bringing in Colin Kaepernick, because they are less and less enamored with the Red Rifles contributions to the Cincinnati jam everyday. 

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With plenty of Bengals thinking Andy Dalton is on a short leash, Colin Kaepernick’s name emerges in the locker room

 Quarterbacking in the NFL is a tough business and many starters fail, flop or get injured during the season. Kaepernicks name will be resurfacing all season long as different QBs around the league struggle to figure out the NFL formula. It makes sense. Marvin Lewis is an African-American head coach with as much major power and influence over front office decisions. Cincinnati owner Mike Brown is patient and loyal. The way he has stuck by embattled HC Lewis is proof that Brown doesn’t succumb to social or media pressure,  so those pressures would probably have less a bearing on his decision on whether or not to bring Kaepernick in than past owners. Also, Brown once said in a 2014 interview that he wanted to “draft Kaepernick” in the 2011. Now’s his chance to get Kaep on the cheap. 

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This week in alternate history: What would 2017 be like if Mike Brown had gotten his way in the 2011 draft? #bengals

Another thing, Kaepernick has going for him is that he is a proven winner who defeated the Patriots en route to a Super Bowl appearance in 2014 and like Tom Brady said over the weekend, he deserves a shot.

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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady says Colin Kaepernick deserves a spot on an NFL roster, admires him

As another QB seems to be biting the dust, the call for Colin Kaepernick’s employment is once again loud and clear from the NFL players who would be his teammates.The former 49ers quarterback made it clear that he’ll answer the jack if a team wants to holler. 

“I’m ready right now,” Kaepernick told journalist Shaun King on Sunday. “Working out daily.” 

The panic in Cincinnati and the civil unrest in the locker room might be just the opportunity Kaepernick needs. Unfortunately it may come at the expense of Andy Dalton. 

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