Report: Bradley Beal Trade Talks With Lakers Heating Up

Reports says that Lakers fans are turning up the heat on the team to work a trade to acquire Bradley Beal from the Washington Wizards. 


Reports says that Lakers fans are turning up the heat on the team to work a trade to acquire Bradley Beal from the Washington Wizards. 

Last week, the Washington Wizards season tumbled out of control, locker room tensions flared and franchise player John Wall got so frustrated that he lashed out at his coach in an expletive-filled tirade. It’s not the first time Wall has done something of that nature. 

In the aftermath of what has been a rough first 20 games to the 2018 season, the franchise announced that every player on the roster — including All-Star guards Wall and Bradley Beal – are on the market and available to discuss in trade scenarios.

It’s gotten so bad that Washington is publicly admitting that ownership is ready to cut ties with their high-priced All-Star backcourt and start from scratch. Then it was reported that Bradley Beal wanted to be traded and that makes sense because reports have been pushing Bradley Beal to the Lakers for Lonzo Ball, Kentavious Caldwell Pope or any other combination of players and picks for a minute now.  

After LeBron scored just 14 points in a loss on Tuesday night, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith said if he was the Lakers he’d give up Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram for Bradley Beal. 

Beal, who makes $27.1 million dollars, refuted the reports.

If true, Beal would be another high octane, creative scorer, and shooter that LeBron lacks right now.

With Ingram as the centerpiece, the trade doesn’t seem to work. The contracts don’t mesh and signing Beal probably eliminates the outside chance of signing Kevin Durant or any other max-level player this summer. 

Wall makes $37.1 million and despite his impressive statistical career, his playoff failure and diva attitude doesn’t make him a player that anyone wants at that price tag. At this point he’s married to Washington and his  $207 million extension. If the situation in DC continues to deteriorate then maybe some parts could shift in the offseason. 

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that LeBron needs help now. The Lakers really don’t have time to wait on the young kids to develop regardless of how many All-Star Magic thinks he’s going to bring in next year to help King James carry the Hollywood load.

Beal would be a nice fit because he can create and innovate his way to the pill. Stand still shooters are nice, but in crunchtime when the D tightens up and the refs let em’ go at it, someone other than LeBron has to have some killer instinct. 

A 135-131 OT shootout win over Houston on Monday night was the highlight of an otherwise dull 8-12 season. Beal had a season-high 32 points and Wall had a typical 11 assists. The statistical efforts resulted in a win, which has been rare this season.Washington is in ninth place in the East, just out of the last playoff spot. That’s where Washington has lived during Beal and Wall’s entire run; just outside of the elite teams.  

Keep an eye on Beal to LA. With the Lakers in seventh place, but just three games behind the first-place Clippers in the Western Conference, Magic might be forced to make a move now and try to go for one of those top 3 spots.  

With Steph Curry nursing an injury,  Golden State’s looking human for a change and Houston plummeting to the depths of the Western Conference standings despite heroic efforts by James Harden, the West is there for the taking…for the time being.  

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