Barack Obama Blesses Hawaii’s Third Little League World Series Title

When life gets you down and your belief in people and the leadership in the country is at an all-time low, count on the Little League World Series, Americas last bastion of athletics purity. A tournament void of meddling parents and negative coaches, guaranteed to produce an outcome that reveals Americas greatest qualities. 

Governor David Ige on Twitter

Congratulations to Coach Gerald Oda & the 2018 Little League World Champions. Your entire journey uplifted the State of Hawaii during a time when a major hurricane was barreling toward the islands. Way to go Boys, you made all of Hawaii proud! #LLWS #LLWSChamps #AlohaStrong https://t.co/PPHZdxSUXv

Its hard enough for a team to win the LLWS U.S. Title with a clear mind, but as a Hurricane threatened their family and friends back home, a team of lit ballers from Honolulu, Hawaii defeated South Korea to win the Little League World Series title on Sunday. 

Thats a rare occurrence in the history of the LLWS, where international teams such as Taiwan and Japan have been dominant, posting a 17-12 record against the U.S. title winner since 1990. 

Hawaii was on it from the first pitch as Mana Lau Kong launched one over the right-center field wall to give the Honolulu boys a lead and they never looked back, securing a 3-0 victory.

Little League on Twitter

#LLWS https://t.co/PPV2RSQ7ZO

Hawaii’s three LLWS titles have all come in the past 13 years. It was the first shutout in a LLWS title game since 2002 when Kentucky beat Japan, 1-0.

The icing on the cake was a call from The Peoples President,”  Barack Obama, who was touched by the comradery, talent and spirit of the team from along the southeast coast of the island of Oahu, with a population of 371,657. 

The Shadow League on Twitter

BARACK OBAMA?!” The Hawaii Little League baseball team was shocked when they got a shout out from Barack Obama on his Twitter after they won the LLWS! https://t.co/XgM9YiITec

The LLWS epitomizes the winning spirit of America and exemplifies what this country should and could be when people of all races, ethnicities and backgrounds synthesize for a common goal.


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