Baker Mayfield Needs To Shut Up And Let His Wing Do The Talking

Baker Mayfield isn’t “overrated as hell” like football analyst as former New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan called him on ESPN, but the big-headed Cleveland Browns quarterback does need to let his game do the talking and stop running his jibs anytime somebody rubs him the wrong way. 


Don’t Talk About It, Be About It

Young Baker just can’t help himself. Sometimes he’s like a kid who you tell not to touch the stove, but he’s such a little shit that he does it anyway and eventually, he gets burnt. 

The comment about Ryan not having any colors was in reference to the analyst no longer being a head coach. In other words, what Ryan says in Baker’s mind is obsolete. 

If so, Mayfield could of let Ryan’s comments fly. Rex is just doing his job as a commentator and anyone who watched sports journalism on ESPN, understands that stirring the pot by making definitive statements about something that is extremely debatable is how you get ratings. 

But like I told you when he tried to disrespect his former coach Hue Jackson by flaking on a postgame handshake for no real reason and then rubbing it in during the postgame presser; 

The boy keeps cutting checks his ass can’t cash. 

Kind of like when he tripped and smashed his drunk face into the ground running from Arkansas police a few years back. 

That didn’t cost him the Heisman, but it did lose him some cool points, which he got back when he was drafted set the league ablaze with his frenetic and potent play. Mayfield became an overnight star, giving new hope to a tortured Cleveland fan base. 

The media was all in on his unrefined pro etiquette. His slick-talk and renegade ways were all good, when he was winning games for the Browns last season as a rookie living a dream. His swag, if possible, went up a level when the Browns acquired Odell Beckham

Some hype-riders posing as NFL analysts even picked Cleveland to win the division and be Super Bowl contenders. But let’s not act like all of that praise didn’t make Baker a prime target of the opposition coming into 2019. 

The Struggle Is Real

After three games, Cleveland is 1-2 and the anointed superstar has the 40th-highest QB passer rating in the entire 32-team NFL. 


And he’s still talking trash, even though he’s not backing it up. In my book, that’s called being delusional. I want my starting quarterback to have a clear head. He can have grit and be Philp Rivers talkative, but he’s also got to be Eli Manning poised, classy and playoff clutch when representing the league. 

His recent retaliation toward Ryan is just more lip service from a dude who got where he is by making everyone else the enemy. To say he has a Napoleon complex would probably be accurate, but it has fueled the barely 6-foot Baker’s rise to No. 1 overall draft pick and now one of the most scrutinized and popular players in the NFL. 

The boy needs to chill though. No need to keep making enemies, just make memories and break the Cleveland curse.

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