Bad Boy Chris Brown Back in Jail

Chris Brown is in jail again. Is this breaking news or déjà vu? A bit of both, with the 24-year-old acting as if he subconsciously wants to be put away. It almost seems like he enjoys being the media pariah, with speculation and teeth sucking surrounding his every wrong move that wreaks of self-loathing screams for help over a diagnosed bi-polar disorder and post-traumatic stress syndrome.

In the latest downward spiraling chapter, Chris was found in violation of the rehab facility’s “internal rules.” Those specific rules have not yet been revealed. But violating them has forced management to boot Brown from the facility, after already being in hot water over accusations that he had an “inappropriate relationship” with a female employee.

This all points to growing and continual problems for Brown, after a judge in his DC assault case, where he was accused of assaulting a man last October, warned Brown that if he left rehab, he’d automatically be jailed. Now, since being expelled from his 90-day treatment for anger management issues, the only place left for Brown to go is behind bars. This is the exact place LA County Sheriffs escorted him on Friday.

The sad drama adds another unfortunate chapter to Brown’s dark spotted resume. This is the second rehab facility he’s been booted from since being pushed out of a first treatment center after throwing a rock at his mother’s car window. Now, with specialists saying he suffers from untreated mental health issues that he hides through self-medication, Brown’s end seems to disappointingly be where many have always expected him to be since his 2009 assault incident against Rihanna – jail.

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