Baby Momma Bling

From high school sweetheart to baby momma to fiancée to NBA Champion, Savannah Brinson, LeBron James’ chick, did the damn thing.


Yeah, that’s right, she was with LeBron shooting in the gym – the high school gym to be exact – and she has the championship ring to prove it. Through thick and thin hairlines and burning jerseys, Savannah stood by her man. That’s more than all these women calling themselves basketball wives can say.


I would be mistaken not to mention that Savannah’s custom-made ring also sparkles better than a pitiful “I’m Sorry” purple diamond ring – yeah I’m looking at you Kobe and Vanessa Bryant.


Savannah should make a cameo appearance on the next episode of Ratchetball Wives with Buju Banton’s “Champion” as her intro music.


Ladies, this is how it’s done.   

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