At 59, Former World Boxing Champion Iran Barkley Challenges Deontay Wilder

In the latest episode of PRITY Left Hook, the former champ leaks comeback plans and his hit list of one.

Iran “The Blade” Barkley is a boxing legend.

The former three-division world champion has fought everyone from Roberto Duran to James Toney and defeated Tommy Hearns twice in two weight classes.

PRITTY Left Hook: The Iran The Blade Barkley Episode | Rokfin

Iran The Blade Barkley was a fixture of the boxing scene from the early eighties through the late nineties. This legend is a three weight class world champion, having held the WBC middleweight title, IBF super middleweight title, and the WBA light heavyweight title through his career.

However, the Bronx legend, now 59 years old, is still hungry for the sport that made him a champion. Now at heavyweight, Barkley still has something to prove and he has a target in mind as well. He explained it on the PRITTY Left Hook podcast to host Rhett Butler.

“The comeback tour. I got one more classic thing and he’s good, I respect him. I’m talking about Deontay Wilder. Everybody thinks its  afar fetched thing but its not that i’m disrespecting him, he knows he don’t have anybody to fight.”

Barkley is 12-9-1 as a heavyweight. He won world titles at middleweight, super middleweight, and light heavyweight. He also picked up a minor world title at heavyweight with a 10th round TKO over Gerrie Coetzee.

“I’ve been studying him and I see a lot of things but he’s a great heavyweight candidate champ right now. I’ve been fighting heavyweight way longer than he has. I fought Trevor Berbick and some of the other big guys and I got past them.

“If Larry Holmes was fighting today, Deontay Wilder probably wouldn’t be here today. The (past champions) would slap these guys around today like paper.”

With the Bronze Bomber on everyone’s hit list, from the active fighter’s to the inactive, Barkley has Wilder in his sights.

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