Art Basel: NBA Arena Entry Tunnels Are The New Fashion Runways

Remember when Allen Iverson‘s urban fashion sense scared the hell out of former Commissioner David Stern who instituted a dress code that didn’t sit well with the young, expressive, black and gifted millionaires in the NBA?

Well nowadays, under the leadership of Adam Silver, NBA players are allowed to wear whatever it is they please and the players have definitely pushed the limits of that privilege and made the pregame walk through a moment of artistic self-expression and in many cases, reminiscent of a live fashion show.

Franchise and AMP, in collaboration with the National Basketball Association, presented “Momentum”, a multi-format exhibition that explores the relationship between basketball culture and art during Art Basel in Miami, Dec 4-8. 

Held at the historic Nautilus by Arlo hotel, “Momentum” highlights a group show of contemporary artists responding to basketball. Complementing this exhibition are video installations and an interactive archive of historic NBA ephemera.

Art Basel in Miami is the leading global platform connecting collectors, galleries, and artists, while attracting more artists, entertainers, celebrities and creators from all over to immerse themselves in art and support those who make their living creating. 


Each section of Momentum showcases a unique aspect of hoops through a cross-section of media, including photography, video, and painting.

The components of the exhibition include the following:

Tunnel Vision — The pre-game walk through an arena’s entry tunnel is the iconic

beginning of every game. Tunnel Vision is a video-wall installation featuring NBA

and WNBA players making this essential passage.

NBA fashion was a hot topic at the ‘Style & Art” Panel. The traditional jumpsuit that turned to baggy jeans and jerseys, has now morphed into skin cut European suits, half dresses and multi-colored apparel with a personal sense of uninhibited fashion leading the way rather than a uniformity of style. 

Celebrating NBA History – Experience a celebration of memorabilia celebration throughout the years.

Center Court — A selection of esteemed artists who incorporate the game into their work. Featured in the line-up: Devin Troy Strother, Andrew Kuo, John Margaritis, LeRoy Neiman, Eric Elms, Ashley Teamer, Eric Yahnker, and more.

Beyond the Arc — Every classic league highlight can be traced back to that moment’s game, player, location, play, and shoe. Here we look at the sneakers worn during 16 legendary moments.

Ascension — A video installation featuring iconic dunks throughout the history of

the NBA, set to an original score.

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