Arrest Warrant Issued For Best Friend Of Ja Morant Over Last Summer’s Fight With 17-Year-Old In Backyard | Is Friend Just The Fall Guy?

An arrest was issued on Monday for Davonte Pack, who is Ja Morant’s close friend.

According to the Shelby County criminal justice portal, the warrant was issued in connection with the altercation between Morant, Pack, and 17-year-old basketball player Joshua Holloway.

Davonte Pack and Ja Morant pictured sitting together courtside at a game. (Photo: @BSO/ Twitter screenshot)

Both Morant and Pack have been the center of controversy on several different occasions over the past two years. Most recently, Pack was the person who filmed Morant on Instagram Live when the two were riding in a jeep and the Grizzlies star appeared to be holding a gun. They both later claimed it was a toy, but the NBA commissioner wasn’t buying that excuse.

Morant was suspended for 25 games at the start of 2023-24 NBA season. Many popular Black sports figures and entertainers have advised him to change his inner circle, especially Pack.

Details of Warrant

The warrant issued by Shelby County Sheriff’s Office charged Pack with a misdemeanor assault with intent to do bodily harm.

“The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office obtained a warrant for the arrest of Davonte Pack, who has been charged with simple assault in relation to the July 2022 altercation involving Mr. Pack, Memphis Grizzlies basketball player Ja Morant, and a juvenile basketball player at Mr. Morant’s residence in Eads,” the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office said in an email statement Monday evening. “The SCSO consulted with the SCDAG before obtaining the warrant.”

Pack is also named as a co-defendant in the civil case filed by Holloway. They are both accused of punching the 17-year-old at Morant’s home in Eads, Tennessee, during a pickup basketball game in July 2022.

Court Details

Holloway and Morant altercation started after the teen threw the basketball at the 23-year-old’s head. Attorneys on both sides and witnesses had different accounts on whether Holloway threw the ball to purposefully hit Morant with intent to harm him or it was an accident.

According to the court depositions, the teenage boy then got into a fight stance and told Grizzlies star to “square up.” Morant punched the teenager but witnesses say it did not knock him down. Pack followed his friend’s punch with a blow to the back of Holloway’s head and witnesses say that the punch knocked Holloway to the ground. Among those witnesses was his father, Tee Morant, and former Grizzlies sharpshooter Mike Miller.

Pack admitted that he punched the teenager and pulled Morant from the scuffle. Bystanders said that the scuffle was over with very quickly.

Attorneys argued in the civil case that Morant’s actions should be self-defense immunity because he was attacked first. The Shelby County Sheriff’s office was also in court on Monday and has been subpoenaed for additional documents but has not produced them, citing an ongoing investigation.

In addition, Pack also was banned from the Grizzlies arena in February for a year after he verbally abused Pacers players during and after the game.

It was also believed he pointed a laser attached to a gun after the game as well.

Morant unfollowed his childhood friend on all of his social media accounts in May.

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