Arizona Wants Larry Fitzgerald ‘Till He Retires

Larry Fitzgerald isn't going anywhere soon, according to Arizona's GM Steve Keim. He was asked to respond to trade rumors surrounding one of the NFL's most explosive weapons, and Arizona's best player, in the midst of a 4-4 season.

Though Fitzgerald's talent is undeniable, the talent of those who surround him is perceived as holding him back. This may or may not actually exist; however, it still causes financial friction. If the Cards start looking to rebuild, they might need the cash on hand for new blood. Conversely, if Fitzgerald decides he doesn't want to wait around for a shot at the Super Bowl, he's pretty much got the power to demand that trade or simply walk away when his contract is over, leaving AZ in the lurch.

But, for now, that hypothetical isn't factored into Arizona's thought process.

"I have not had one conversation regarding a trade with Larry Fitzgerald," said Keim on a radio appearance: "We have every intent to have Larry Fitzgerald retire as a Cardinal. Period."

That's probably true: The Cardinals have every intent to become the kind of team worthy of Fitzgerald's talents. Intent and reality often diverge down the road, and so long as Carson Palmer is at the helm, that road probably won't lead to a title. So whether Keim is aware of it or not, and he surely is, the clock is ticking on this relationship. At some point, Arizona will need to win in order to make Keim's intention come to life.