Arenas Responds To Restraining Order News As Only Arenas Could

Gilbert Arenas, aka Agent Zero aka the Hibachi, has never been one to hold his tongue or worry about being politically correct. The word beast describes the outspoken, former NBA player perfectly. 

Nothing agitated Black women more than when Arenas said that darker Black women arent as attractive as light-skinned ones. It was viewed as an old and outdated narrative of self-hate, but it was just Gilbert being Gilbert. 

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He had multiple shark tanks at his DC mansion.”

The same dude who once had a loaded gun showdown with a Washington Wizards teammate in the locker room over an $1100 gambling debt, was once arrested in California for illegal fireworks possession and has been arrested several times for marijuana offenses, is still walking a tightrope with the law.  

Dude is a bit off, so his latest drama didnt surprise anyone. Arenas has been hit with a restraining order after a woman told authorities that Arenas has been threatening to send naked videos of her to her son, according to docs obtained by TMZ Sports. His response to the restraining order was typical Arenas as well. 

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Gilbert Arenas on Restraining Order, ‘My D*ck Is Like Crack’

The woman claims she’s been in an on-and-off relationship with Gilbert since 2016 — but recently tried to end things for good and supposedly Arenas wasnt having it and flipped out. The woman claims he began harassing her and even threatened to send nude pics of her to her 10-year-old son on some fatal attraction type stuff. 

“Gilbert told me he was watching me at [my] son’s school and that he had just saw him go into class,” the woman wrote in docs filed in L.A. County Superior Court.

“He said he was waiting to get my son’s cell phone number from his son so that he could send my child naked photos of me and video of Gilbert and I having sex and video of me naked.”

 According to TMZ, The woman also claims on May 23, Arenas banged on her door and when he came in … pushed her against the wall and demanded sex. She claims she obliged out of fear.

The woman included text messages she claims are from Arenas … in which he says:

“Wait till you son see your naked pictures. Imma start f*cking with your life. He has a phone right?”

 She added, “When I break things off with him he becomes very vindictive so I try to oblige however he’s feeling and try to soothe him. But I am very concerned that Gilbert would harm my child and or send photos and videos to my son’s phone under the guise of someone else.”

The woman asked the judge to order Arenas to stop contacting her and her son and NOT to send her son any photos or videos. Her request was granted by the judge … at least temporarily. There’s a hearing at the end of the month.

Gilbert has been ordered to stay 100 yards from them until the next court date.

He claims the woman is just a scorned woman that he probably blocked after they engaged in sexual activity.


Arenas has a history of questionably erratic behavior and this recent situation is more of the same. 

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