Aqib Talib Channels His Inner M.O.P. And Snatches Michael Crabtree’s Chain

Aqib Talib has officially certified himself as the NFL’s newest member of M.O.P., so you best watch your back if you mess with him or his teammates.

Talib always keeps it real, no matter what. If you have a problem with his boys, then you have a problem with Talib, so that has to be understood from jump.

Earlier this summer it was reported that he was shot in Dallas, the investigation later concluding that he shot himself. In week 9 he jumped in the middle of a shoving match between teammate Vonn Miller and Colt’s tight end Dwayne Allen, poking Allen dead in the eye and earning him a one game suspension.

Then in week 14 against the Titans he had the back of teammate Chris Harris Jr. when Titans receiver Harry Douglas threw an unnecessary (some might say dirty), but legal, block at Harris’ knees. Talib ran over and got all up in Douglas’ grill on the sidelines, causing a brawl and ultimately being flagged for starting the altercation. The responses flew from both sides afterwards, but Talib set it off on the sidelines. 

It dont matter how it went, Talib said after the game. He tried to do something dirty, so thats why Im going to beat his ass.

But he didn’t stop there. It was a dirty play by a sorry player,” Talib said, “He dont do (anything) coming into this game. He didn’t catch no passes. He came into this game and chopped guys in the back. He got the same agent as me (Todd France) so when I see his ass in Atlanta Im going to beat his ass.”

That’s just Talib keeping it mad real.

Well in today’s game against their hated division rivals, the Raiders, Talib decided to channel his inner M.O.P. and went real life “Ante Up (Remix)” on Oakland receiver Michael Crabtree, snatching his chain off during the game.

To add insult to injury, he even laughed about it on the sidelines, demonstrating how he went Remy Ma on Crabtree. After the game, Talib basically said that he had to snatch it, like it was mandatory.

So watch out for Aqib’s upcoming appearance in the M.O.P. “Ante Up 2017 Remix” video. And if you’re on the field with a chain on, get ready because he might just yell “b**ch run that!”

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