“Anytime You Lose Circulation, It’s Serious” | Just How Serious Are Deion Sanders Foot And Toe Issues Ahead Of First Season As Colorado Head Coach? 

Deion Sanders recently underwent a procedure to remove a blood clot from his thigh. Doctors also reportedly removed other small clots below the knee. The clots stemmed from a circulation problem that the first-year Colorado Buffaloes head coach has experienced since he had surgery to remove two toes in 2021 while the head coach at Jackson State.

Sanders, has still been stalking the sidelines during games and practices, although with a noticeable limp, and from the expression on his face at times it’s downright painful. 

While, Sanders made it through surgery last Friday, and has been home resting, the 1994 NFL Defensive Player of the Year, is not out of the woods. With more surgery required to remove other clots, Sanders has quite a long road ahead of him.

When Will Deion Sanders Be Back?

Which brings us to this question, how serious are the foot and toe issues that Coach Prime is dealing with? 

Sanders Shoots Down Amputation, But Doctors Admit Circulation Issues Are No Joke

Sanders’ 23-day hospital stay in 2021 is well-documented as the former Florida State All-American nearly lost his life due to heavy clotting, which again stemmed from lack of circulation. 

“Anytime you’re losing circulation, it’s very serious,” said Robert Brodsky, president of the American Society of Hematology and professor of medicine at John’s Hopkins University.

“The arteries take oxygenated blood from the heart and deliver it to the tissues, so if the conduit to get to the tissue is blocked, you lose the blood supply, and that portion below where the clot is will die from not getting enough oxygen,” Brodsky said.

Per Sanders doctors his problems stem from lack of circulation in his arteries, which carry blood away from the heart, and not his veins which brings it back. That’s been a huge deal for Sanders as he and doctors try to rectify this ordeal, without having to go to the worst case scenario which doctors have said would be complete amputation of the leg. 

Sanders Girlfriend Confirms He’s Home Recovering

Sanders’ longtime girlfriend Tracey Edmonds announced on Instagram that Coach Prime was indeed in the comforts of his home resting.

“Thank you Lord for strengthening #CoachPrime @deionsanders so that he could  leave the hospital today and be home tonight to rest and recover in his own bed!

Now let’s hope Coach Prime continues to get healthy, and then we’ll worry about returning to lead his Colorado Buffaloes football team, which is very important considering the money they shelled out and the major cultural transformation and optimism that Deion has infused into a dormant program.

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