Antonio Brown’s Arrest Will Result In Pay Day For Gamblers

I have to apologize to the gambling site Bovada who sent me some information on the odds that Antonio Brown would be arrested in 2020.

I laughed it off. “AB is a little bugged out, but he hasn’t risen to the level of criminal activity…yet,” I thought.

I was wrong. An arrest warrant has been issued for Brown on a felony charge of burglary and battery for allegedly throwing a rock at a moving truck and assaulting the driver in a dispute over payment, TMZ originally reported.

Officers arrived at Brown’s home after they received a report alleging that he and his trainer, Glen Holt, had attacked someone, according to the Hollywood Police Department. Holt was arrested and charged with one count of burglary with battery.

Back on January 14th, these were the odds according to Bovada.

Will Antonio Brown Get Arrested In 2020?

Yes +400

No -700

Ross from Bovada broke down what a person who bet $1000 on AB’s incarceration stands to win.

If you took the original odds and bet $1000 on AB being arrested, a person would win $4000 with a total payout of $5000,” he told The Shadow League.
For + numbers, the higher it is, the less it’s likely to happen. For example,  +400 yes -700 no means the oddsmakers are saying the +400 would be a riskier bet.
You can also convert them into fraction odds.
Fraction odds for this would be 4/1 Yes that AB will get arrested and 1/7  that AB will not get arrested.

Brown has been flirting with disaster for some time now. He has several legal battles he’s fighting on different fronts. The 32-year-old baller is awaiting a disciplinary decision from the league following a sexual assault lawsuit filed by his former trainer, among other incidents. He’s also suing an NFL team, making music videos and fighting his baby mama for custody of the kids.

Despite his troubles, Brown’s social media account is the stuff of legends as AB isn’t afraid to say whatever it is that comes to his mind.

Since leaving Pittsburgh and making unsuccessful stops in Oakland and New England, however, his behavior has gotten increasingly erratic and while he was previously known as a prima donna pain in the ass, his activity has now reached criminal levels as many predicted it would.

He was just doing too many things and eventually the negative energy was going to catch up to him. The music videos are his prerogative. They are more annoying than anything else.

But when he berated the cops as they were removing his baby mama and kids from the house, you knew that this wasn’t going to end well for him. A Black man with a house that extends a block-long taunting police is not wise.

Hey, Brown can say “F*ck the police,” all he wants, but it’s just digging him a deeper grave.

After watching that video, we all knew it was just a matter of time.

Looks like some heartless, degenerate gambler is going to get a bag thanks to AB. The police just have to locate him first to actually arrest him.

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