Antonio Brown’s X Games Continue | Lights Up Tom Brady and Meek Mill On The Same Play

Lil Rod’s new lawsuit levying disturbing accusations against Diddy are dominating the social media discussion right now. 

This lawsuit includes a laundry list of allegations involving violence, harassment, and drug use.

Diddy has been under a firestorm of lawsuits and unconfirmed accusations since he settled a lawsuit with his former girlfriend Casandra “Cassie” Ventura, who accused the Bad Boy CEO of various crimes, including trafficking during her relationship with him.

Antonio Brown Goes At #FreakMill

More and more people have jumped on the bandwagon, and this latest suit is causing collateral damage and its spreading all over into rapper Meek Mill’s social media feed.

So much so that former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, of all people, is taking shots at Mill for being implicated in Diddy’s growing mess. 

AB commented on a specific part of this Diddy lawsuit, where Meek Mill was alluded to as one of the rappers that was both involved in and knowledgeable of certain unconfirmed crimes. 

“What was Dreams & Nightmares really about [crying-laughing emoji],” the ex-NFL star wrote on Twitter. “Nah FR #CTESPN.” 

While Meek dismissed all of the speculation in a barrage of tweets, that didn’t stop X users from circulating the #FreakMill hashtag. 

Meek is clearly a polarizing artist, and it seems like everybody has an opinion.  

Even Brown, who always has something to say, as he is one of those uninhibited X users, where anybody can get it from him on any given day. He’s attacked everybody from Tom Brady to Gisele Bündchen to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to R&B stars and the co-owners of his Arena Football League team. 

AB Takes Shots At Tom Brady Using Old Photo

Brown, a teammate of Brady’s on the Patriots and Buccaneers from 2019-21, went at the retired star most recently on Wednesday, responding to a Page Six article about how Brady reportedly accepted that his ex-wife Bündchen’s relationship with her jiujitsu trainer, Joaquim Valente, began “years ago.

After initially quote-tweeting a Page Six tweet with the hashtag CTESPN (a mocking of both CTE and ESPN) 

Brown quote-tweeted an old tweet with photos of he and Bündchen hugging after the Buccaneers won Super Bowl LV, writing:

“Did AB know Already,” with a winking face emoji.

He was on to his next victim, Meek Mill, less than 24 hours later. 

Social media of course, got a kick out of Brown’s tweet as he joined the fray with his two cents on Meek Mills’ emerging drama. 

Every interaction that Meek has ever had with Diddy is now being scrutinized and used for public entertainment. 

In his suit, Lil Rod unleashes a host of unsavory allegations at Diddy.

Though their names had been redacted, one of them is described as “a Philadelphia rapper who dated Nicki Minaj,” while the other is said to have “performed at the Super Bowl and had a successful Vegas Residency.”

Due to the well-publicized past relationship between Minaj and Mill, social media users immediately began speculating.

Of course, nothing has been proven and we don’t even know if Lil Rod is telling the truth.

This is really a no-win situation for Meek, who in his tweets has tried to use the situation as promotion for his new independent album that dropped this week.

Diddy’s allegations are from women and men, and he’s wisely laying low and undoubtedly strategizing with his team.

Which is probably what Antonio Brown should do.

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