Antonio Brown Takes His Gisele Bündchen Meme Campaign To Snapchat, But The Only One That Understands It Is Derek Carr

Antonio Brown is on Snapchat, and his Twitter shenanigans of creating altered videos and pictures of Gisele Bündchen have come with him. Amid posts of everything from his time on the Pittsburgh Steelers, his brief weird stint with the Raiders, fashionable moments, and more, Brown also took another shot at his favorite muse, Tom Brady’s ex-wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen.

Brown posted a “nude” picture of the model on his Snapchat on Monday with clear indications that the image was photoshopped. The photo shows Gisele’s face poorly edited on top of another woman’s naked body, with the neck showing the difference in the color of the two people. Now the only question remains: why is Brown singling out Bündchen, a non-football player that’s not part of the culture, aside from sports culture via her ex-husband, for his social media meanderings?

Image Credit: Snapchat @AB84

The image was later deleted, but the internet is unforgiving, and the screenshots of AB’s continual obsession with Gisele went viral. Last month, AB posted a picture of himself being embraced by Gisele with the cryptic caption, “Put That Sh*t On.” A succession of meme-styled images showed Tom Brady leaving his family in a cartoon-styled children’s book image and AB sitting inside the house, seemingly as a replacement.

Immediately, speculation began that AB was floating the idea that he either has or could hook up with the newly single supermodel, which polarized those who remembered Brady’s friendly overtures towards Brown during his playing days. Brown attempted to explain his reasoning for the focus on Gisele and Tom, but as always, minus a translator, it is hard to understand the inner workings of AB.

“That’s not a friend, that is a natural citizen,” AB said on the “PBD” Podcast about his relationship with Brady. “That’s being a human being, human to human. I should treat you with respect because respect is natural. I don’t owe no one respect man; respect is earned man, it is what it is. I don’t have a relationship with Tom Brady. I don’t play football, that’s it.”

“Fans put out pictures every time; it’s a real video of a situation,” AB said of his previous post of Gisele hugging him on the field after winning Super Bowl LV in 2021. “It’s funny; it’s a meme, that’s what fans do. [Brady going through a divorce] ain’t got nothing to do with me, bro. People capitalize on my life and situations every time; it don’t matter, so what? It’s life, bro. Pull up how many times people sell shirts and make memes and do funny sh*t at me. Now we do it at him. It’s a problem? It’s life, it’s fans.”

AB began roasting his former teammate, Raiders QB Derek Carr, “Betting 10k today on Derek Carb,” with a corresponding doctored photo of him looking heavier to prove his point. However, after saying he was betting $10,000 on the Las Vegas Raiders’ Sunday win over the Denver Broncos, Carr had fun with the “Put That Sh*t On” rapper.

“We eating good tonight !” Carr tweeted, and AB subsequently retweeted. AB then responded with emojis with hearts in their eyes and said, “thanks to you king DC prototype,” with his signature fingers pointing at each other to designate his “Put That Sh*t On” dance. Derek Carr figured out that the best way to nullify AB is to join him. Gisele doesn’t seem to have gotten that message yet.

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