Anthony Bosch Tried To Hit A-Rod Up For Some Hush Money

According to the New York Daily News, the mastermind behind the steroid ring that served some of baseball's biggest stars and is now spilling his beans to MLB tried to hit up A-Rod for cash recently.

New York Daily News:

A-Rod refused to pay him what he wanted,” said a source. “Baseball was worried about that.”

MLB reached an agreement this week for Bosch’s cooperation in its long-running investigation into one of the biggest drug scandals in baseball history and plans to meet with him on Friday.


The Daily News reported Wednesday that baseball was concerned Bosch might turn to players for financial help if MLB didn’t lock him into an agreement to testify.


“They were afraid someone else would pay him,” said the source. “Bosch is the only guy that can provide them with what they need.”

When A-Rod refused to meet his price, MLB intervened, took advantage of his weakness and now may have the informant they need to slap Ryan Braun and A-Rod with heavy-handed punishments. That's the problem with deep secrets: too many people get sucked in and the next thing you know, they're blabbing about your business.

The real question is why the highest paid player in baseball decided not to pay off a drug dealer to protect his and MLBs reputation. Dude hasn't even played a game this year and is pulling in $28 million in 2013. Do better, in almost every aspect of your professional life.

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