Andrew Luck is Eric B. and Rakim “Paid In Full”

Andrew Luck just became part of NFL Hip-Hop history as he was transformed into Eric B., Rakim and Special Ed in one day.

He’s “Paid In Full.”

To put it short, he “Got it Made.”

The Colts just opened up their wallets, bank account and vault for their 27 year old franchise quarterback, signing him to a 6 year, $140 million dollar extension. What makes this contract so shocking is that $87 million of it is guaranteed, it set an NFL record for a contract and it made him the highest paid player in the League.

Is Luck worth this big of an investment? According to the team’s site, he definitely is. Since being drafted number one in 2012, he was selected to the Pro Bowl from 2012 – 2014, he broke Peyton Manning’s single season passing yards record (4,700) with 4,761 yards and, per the Colt’s website, he “became the first player in NFL history with at least 350 passing yards in five consecutive road contests from Sept. 7 – Nov. 3, 2014.”

We know the boy can throw the ball, but what does this all mean besides the fact that Luck will now be raking in the dough? Well for one thing it means that he better perform much better than he did last year. Granted he was injured, but with this type of investment, especially with over fifty percent of it guaranteed, the Colts and their fans are expecting him to surpass Cam Newton/Tom Brady numbers while bringing home a Vince Lombardi trophy or two.

Luck has until 2021 to make the Super Bowl dream a reality, but he’s going to have a huge burden, and target, on his back in the form of high expectations. And we’re sure Patriots fans are screaming “you have to come through us first” right now. But the deal is done and with the regular season about 10 weeks away, Luck better get ready for the pre-game shows and sports talk radio to be on him every week.

Yet for now, he’s in Special Ed mode because he’s got it made.

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