Andre Drummond Hasn’t Thanked The Philly Sixers Fans For Time There| Is the Brooklyn Nets Center Sour On Being Traded?

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It was a huge Thursday in the NBA as the trade deadline happened, and there was nothing short of drama and anticipation for some of the moves made. The Philadelphia 76ers acquired a disgruntled James Harden in a trade with the Brooklyn Nets, which sent an also disgruntled Ben Simmons to the Nets.

The trade also sent Sixers Seth Curry and Andre Drummond to the Nets as a part of the trade package. Drummond had signed a one-year deal with the Sixers at the beginning of the season to be a backup to superstar and former rival Joel Embiid. 

The idea was for Drummond, who not too long ago was an All-Star-caliber center himself, to relieve Embiid and provide quality interior defense and rebounding when on the floor, and he did just that. Drummond is averaging just under nine rebounds and a block to go with six points coming off the bench.

This is nothing compared to what Drummond has done in the past. In 2017, he averaged a career-high 16 rebounds per game. While coming off the bench for arguably the best center in basketball right now will lower your averages, it’s no secret what Drummond can do given enough time on the floor.

Which is why Brooklyn wanted Drummond as part of the trade package for Harden to go to Philly. Especially because they didn’t have much depth or presence in the paint. Also, when Philly has the opportunity to team the best center with one of the best playmakers and scorers in all of basketball, they will do what they have to do to secure the trade.

Drummond may have not been so keen on being traded from Philly, as most players who are happy and content with their current team don’t welcome an abrupt relocation.  Drummond, after being traded to Brooklyn, has yet to thank the Sixers organization and fans for supporting him in his stint with Philly. Though it’s not a big deal, it is customary for players and teams to thank each other on their way out. 

Seth Curry, the other player involved in the trade, offered a post on his Instagram thanking Philly for his time with the team.

The Philly organization was gracious enough to thank Drummond, who had some huge rebounding games for the team this season.

Drummond Not Happy About Leaving Philly?

So, with no appreciative or departing words from Drummond, it can be assumed that he’s a bit salty over Philly’s decision to move him to Brooklyn. It’s easy to see how this could be frustrating, as Drummond has played for four different teams in the last five years and is constantly being moved around.

One can infer that his playing style — built on defense and rim work — is a dying breed in this current NBA and he’s never truly been seen as a core piece to any team. This can take a toll on a player who has high confidence in himself and feels like he can be a standout on any team he goes to. 

Drummond has yet to publicly speak about being traded to Brooklyn, though has posted about his excitement to play in Brooklyn and win games.

Maybe he’s just used to this by now and he knows that saying goodbye isn’t worth spit. Prio to the trade deadline, Drummond offered his opinion on how players who may be on the hotseat should deal with the tension and uncertainty that prevails at that time.

“With the trade deadline for me, every year being a guy who’s the highest-paid player on the team, just having that thought in the back of your head, ‘I can be traded at any time’, it’s definitely nerve wracking,” Drummond told Sixer Wire. “It’s the way business is, the way it goes, and when it’s your time, it’s your time.”

Well, it was Drummond’s time to travel about 2.5 hours north to Brooklyn. He will now be an archrival of a team he seemed to be getting comfortable with.

Playing just well enough to be a valuable trade piece seems to be Drummond’s destiny.

The Detroit Pistons traded away Drummond at the NBA trade deadline in 2020 for two seldom-used reserves and a late draft pick in 2023. He was basically given away a day after posting 31 points, 19 rebounds. So, he knows very well that anything can happen.

The bright side is that Brooklyn has the piece to be a title contender. Drummond is a very talented player and a physical presence in the paint, and Brooklyn will definitely take advantage of that down the line.

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