‘Paid In Full’ Hustler Alpo Martinez Reportedly Killed In Harlem On Halloween

Rumors are now circulating that the notorious Harlem gangster from the ’80s and ’90s Alpo Martinez has been murdered. Things seem to have gotten real spooky for the former hustler and drug dealer, as it is said he was killed in a drive-by early Halloween Sunday.

Reports from the Daily News say that he was shot on a corner (147th St. near Frederick Douglass Boulevard) in his own community around 3:20 n.m. The newspaper stated that he was shot in the chest multiple times by a shooter in a vehicle.

The 55-year-old was rushed to Harlem Hospital but was not able to be revived.

While the news outlet did not release his name, the streets are talking, and Po’s name keeps coming. If this is truly the man made popular by Cam’ron in the 2002 movie “Paid In Full,” the shock of his death reflects an era. Some are saying it is also the consequence of not respecting second chances and doing too much after being released from WITSEC FCI federal prison in 2015.

When Cam’ron was asked about Alpo moving around freely in Harlem by podcaster Queenzflip, the Dipset rapper delicately said that he had no option, yielding that these are the times that we live in.

Twitter has shared its thoughts on the reported slaying.

“Why was alpo still in Harlem after all that? Man was even in Harlem at 3AM. Wow RIP tho”

“They Done Killed Alpo Woww In Harlem Smh #IfYouKnowYouKnow


“Harlem knew.. I don’t think Alpo knew lol”


“My man in Harlem said they just smoked Alpo on his block”

“Alpo getting killed in Harlem is irony at the highest level”


Cam, a Harlem native also, is not the only person that has etched Alpo in hip-hop’s memory. The Grammy-winning artist Nas has mentioned him in two songs, “Memory Lane (Sittin’ In Da Park)” and “Accident Murderers.”  As does The Game in “Money” and “My Life.”  50 Cent, Jay-Z, Lil Boosie, Meek Mill, Mysonne, and Pusha T are among the many that have incorporated his legend into their lyrics.

The story is developing.

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