All Hail Larry    

4th and 20. Game over. Cardinals are in the NFC Conference Championship game and….oh wait. 

Green Bay got a first down? Ok, all good. The Cards D will shut them out. No way Aaron Rodgers can complete another Hail Mary. Cards win 20-13 and….NO WAY! 


Green Bay scored on a Hail Mary pass from Aaron Rodgers to Jeff Janis, tied the game at 20-20 on a Mason Crosby extra point kick and the teams headed into overtime. But the overtime started with more drama, as a coin flip was repeated because the coin didn’t rotate. On the second flip, Arizona won the toss and took the ball. 

And that’s when they went old school.

After avoiding a sack and spinning away from two linemen, including one of his own, Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer threw across the field to a wide open Larry Fitzgerald and it was time for some Grandmaster Flash and “Larry Love.”

Fitzgerald caught the pass, spun to his right, turned back the clock and ran through everyone for 75 yards before being tackled at the 3 yard line. On the very next play, it was only fitting that Fitzgerald got the ball again on a shovel pass and scored the winning touchdown, sending the Cards into the Conference Championship game next week. Fitzgerald finished with eight catches for 176 yards and 1 touchdown, and in a game which will be remembered for two game saving bombs, a deflected pass for a TD and a broken play leading to the winning score, it only seemed right that that his lone touchdown was the winning touchdown.

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