Alex Smith Is Getting Early Moral Support From Chiefs QB Coach

To hear Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator and quarterback coach Doug Pederson tell it, the team upgraded from one of the most pitiful quarterback situations, to having the best guy in the league behind center with the Alex Smith trade.

No one's actually silly enough to really believe that; not even Pederson, or Smith, himself. But as we saw in the 2011 and 2012 seasons before Smith's concussion cost him his starting gig, a shot of confidence from the coaching staff goes a long way with Smith.

It's not that he's anything above or below average, but we've seen that having a crew in his corner the way he hadn't in his first six seasons in the league, brings a totally different disposition for the QB.

The Chiefs don't actually need Smith to overdo it and actually try to be the best in the league, but if they play him up that way, it does more good than harm.