Alex Rodriguez’s PED-Fueled Quest For Greatness Cost Him A Shot At Jeter’s Honors

The internet discovered an old scouting report from the Seattle Mariners, called Alex Rodriguez a bigger and better version of Derek Jeter. Back in high school and during the early days of A-Rod's MLB career, that was probably accurate even if Jeter fans wouldn't admit it. Still, it's pretty clear which player fans would rather have on their team over the longevity of a career.

That is essentially A-Rod's biggest crime to baseball. Given what The Captain accomplished during his career, with 3,000+ hits and five rings, there isn't any reason why Rodriquez shouldn't be as heralded a player as Jeter given their starting points. 

Even if he manages to break hitting and home run records, his name will always be tarnished. He's been linked to multiple steroid scandals and is now a pariah to MLB fans. In his quest for all-time greatness, he cost himself his very desire. 

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