Alex Rodriguez’s Nephew Kidnapped In Lamborghini Sale Gone Awry

Before the recent kidnapping of his nephew, Alex Rodriguez was flying high with no bumps or bruises of any kind in his life. Hes been accepted back into baseball, his likeability is at an all-time high and is the top baseball analyst for ESPN. He is venturing into reality TV and enjoying a serious power couple relationship with Jennifer Lopez. 

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A-Rod tried to put a Yankees jacket on David Ortiz.

According to the New York Post, Norberto Susini, the 29-year-old nephew of former MLB slugger (and current ESPN broadcaster) Alex Rodriguez, was abducted Wednesday night by two men and held against his will. But they werent trying to get to A-Rod. They were trying to get the deposit back on a Lamborghini they no longer wanted.

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A-Rod nephew kidnapped in NYC as Lamborghini deal turns bad; 2 men arrested: sources

Susini is a minor league ballplayer who moonlights as an exotic car salesman. The Post reported that Susini met up with two prospective buyers Anthony Gilkes and Lamin Vucetovic in Times Square on Wednesday. The trio then went to the Marriott Marquis on Broadway, presumably to continue hammering out the sale. However, once they got there, Vucetovic got cold feet and demanded the $30,000 deposit back. Thats when the two men allegedly held Susini against his will in a hotel room.

The men probably didnt even know Susini was related to Rodriguez and A-Rod has absolutely nothing to do with what went down, but Susini’s connection to celebrity royalty indirectly makes this an interesting side story and a brief wrinkle or pause for concern, in the perfect world of Alex Rodriguez.  

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