Ray Lewis Is All In The Kool Aid Without A Clue Of The Flavor

Ray Lewis was bound to say something sooner or later, right? 

I mean, every time you turn around he’s telling anyone who is willing to listen how he feels about the National Football League, the Baltimore Ravens and has been something of a “go to” for conservative viewpoints. 

He has spit venom at just about every type of pro-black viewpoint or idea that you can think of and has consistently sided with the establishment. 

With the unjust calamity of censorship and hypocrisy that is currently engulfing unapologetic activist-minded QB Colin Kaepernick, it would be Lewis who comes out of his face. In the video, released on Twitter, Lewis tells Kaepernick that he should give up activism for his football career. As if protesting against police brutality is as bad as being on the scene of a murder or something like that. 

The Shadow League on Twitter

Ray Lewis’ continues to make…interesting(?) comments on Colin Kaepernick. https://t.co/W3FHMGySNp

Ray Lewis would rather a man sacrifice his convictions in favor of a game that could be damaging his brain? Million dollar salaries aside, that is no-brainer in favor of having a functional brain free of rage flashes and erratic behavior. 

But Kaep doesn’t want to give up on his career just yet, and he shouldn’t have to. If the National Football League was as big on freedom as all those military shoutouts would lead us to believe maybe justice will prevail and Colin will end up with a job. 

We get it, the NFL has no room for activists who bring attention to real world problems that affect African Americans. It’s clear that you would rather players to get irreparable brain damage instead of using their platform to bring attention to American atrocities. 

Kaep’s fight is the same one that former Baltimore Ravens WR Anquan Boldin has undertaken along with Malcolm Jenkinsand others. They took their plight to Capitol Hill and continue to push initiatives for police accountability. Yes, the methods are different but it most certainly is the same fight. 

But Kaep’s methods are straightforward and anti-establishment, Boldin and company are trying to work within the system.

Undisputed On FS1

Ray Lewis and Shannon Sharpe passionately debate the Baltimore Ravens considering to sign Colin Kaepernick.

Ray Lewis the football player has become Ray Lewis the conservative lackey and his tomfoolery only seems to be getting exponentially more powerful with time. 

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