After Last Train To Paris, Diddy Settled In PBS’ Downton Abbey, Sort Of

On Wednesday, Diddy made a rather odd announcement, when he tweeted news of his role as a regular on PBS' british series Downton Abbey. My first thought was wondering where he'd muster up the ability to perfect an authentic British accent and the second was to google what Idris Elba was so busy with.

Diddy's starred in an adaption of A Raisin In The Sun on Broadway and has appeared in some minor film roles, but even for him this seemed like an odd progression for his career. Turns out, his announcement was as real as some flea market Jordans, and was promotion of his parody video with Funny or Die, which CGI'd Diddy into scenes from the series.

Not only did he forsake a false British accent, but he also butchered the pronounciation of Downton. "Downtown" Abbey doesn't sound like a bad spin-off idea, though. That's how we do in America.


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