After Kenny Stills Criticized Hov’s NFL Deal, His Coach Played Jay-Z’s Catalog In The Locker Room

By now, everyone is aware of the partnership between Jay-Z and the NFL, and the action of taking sides as a result.

Some have sided with Jay-Z, believing that his clout on the business side can help drive real change. Others are siding with Colin Kaepernick, criticizing Hov for backstabbing the blackballed QB with his partnership.

This division has spread, and now its seeped into the locker room of the Miami Dolphins.

Last week, Dolphins’ wide receiver, Kenny Stills, supported Kap and spoke out against Jay-Z, saying that it didn’t “sit well” with him.

“To be able to speak on it and say that we’re moving past something….it didn’t seem very informed.”

Well, apparently head coach Brian Flores was informed about Stills’ comments because after he voiced his opinion to reporters, Flores played eight straight Jay-Z songs during practice.

While there are varying trains of thought as to why Flores would do that, ranging from trolling and payback to motivation, Stills got the hint and responded in a way the culture fully understands.

He cued up Nas in the locker room.

All hip hop heads know about Jigga and Nas’ legendary beef dating back to the 90s, and if the Brooklyn born Flores was prepared to go there, Still wasn’t going to hesitate to respond appropriately.

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