Adrien Broner Took Video Of Himself Pooping Money In A Popeyes Bathroom

"What the hell is Adrien Broner doing this week?" might soon become a regular feature on TSL, because the kid is straight-up ridiculous. 

A few weeks back we took a look at Broner's YouTube series "About Billions" which is a mindblowing 45 minutes of partying, buying drinks, buying jewelry, clubs, molly, workouts and rapping. Last week, he took to Twitter to announce or leak that he will be collaborating with MMG.

His latest internet adventure is a selfie of himself taking a dump in a Popeyes. Apparently, there's no pooping on the Amerikaz Most Wanted tour bus, which apparently Adrien Broner is on with Lil' Wayne and T.I.. The undefeated boxer went on to say, with a laugh, that he's a rapper now and chuckled at "broke" people. 

And, as has become the norm with Broner, he takes it to the next level by showing money in the toilet which he "pooped out" and then flushes it all away. 

It's like he is intentionally pushing people to the brink of becoming angry, annoyed or put-off by him, a move that is usually only as successful as long as a fighter stays undefeated. So far, he's kept his end of the bargain. 

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