Adrien Broner Needs To Find Some Chill ASAP

Adrien Broner is a world-class fighter who has the potential to be next great American boxer if he can stay out of his own way.

In the past seven days Broner has been arrested for assault, made a video tearing up 20 dollar bills, and ended it with a video surfacing of him appearing to perform cunnilingus on an exotic dancer.

Really, dude? We’re going to make it look like we’re oral-sexing strippers on stage? I guess Chris Rock was wrong, there is sex in the champagne room after all. Can she take a shower before you dive head-first into her crotch?

I could understand his thirst if he rarely got any action. Or if he were a sailor coming home from a long time at sea. However, the 23 year old father of 5 can't be that hard up for affection from a woman.

Broner currently has an undefeated record of 26-0 and reminds most boxing fans of Floyd Mayweather. The younger fighter has taken on the brashness, style, flair and flash of the legendary Mayweather. In fact, the two are good friends and Broner calls Mayweather his big brother.

Who wouldn’t want to emulate some of the attributes of one the best boxers ever? Floyd is a true cash cow and has been for years. So it makes perfect sense that Broner would want to swagger jack him.

However, Broner needs to remember that Mayweather made his name as a boxer first,then the antics came to enhance the legend.

While all this madness is going on, Broner has his biggest challenge in Paul Malignaggi coming up in June. Malignaggi will be, by far, the most accomplished fighter the young boxer has seen.

No matter what Mayweather did outside of the ring, we knew that boxing came first. Hopefully Broner has the same level of resolve as his mentor. If he doesn’t have it, “The Problem” will have problems paying his child support and other bills, because the money train will be derailed before it even takes off.

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