Adrien Broner Is Almost Floyd Mayweather, Almost All The Time

Adrien Broner seems to be a miniature version of Floyd Mayweather in every way except, perhaps, in the most most important points.

There isn't any doubting his talent. Broner became the fourth fighter ever to win belts at 130 lbs, 135 and 147, joining his idol Mayweather, Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao. He packs a mean punch with 22 KOs in 27 bouts. In that regard, he may even best Mayweather, though it remains to be seen how effective Broner's power will be at a higher weight division. He was, after all, fighting at junior lightweight just two years ago.

His rapid ascent in weight coincided with his rise in fame, neither of which may be a good thing for the 23-year old. His YouTube series, About Billions, is an absurd version of 24/7, showcasing Broner's ice, parties, expensive taste in alcohol and rap game.

That rap game has him thinking he's the next Meek Mill. After finishing up a summer on tour with Lil' Wayne and 2 Chainz, Broner showed up on Showtime's All Access series previewing Mayweather-Alvarez looking pudgy. After confessing that the rap lifestyle wasn't ideal for a rapper, he joked he no longer had abs, just ab.

There's nothing wrong with Broner capitalizing on his fame while he's young and has the energy. But that, in essence, is the difference between him and Mayweather. There are no distractions from Money May's training, as he always stays in shape. He doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, and doesn't rap. Though there is always something swirling around The Money Team, Mayweather's team has become effective at diffusing and minimizing tension. His immediate family all came from boxing and they know what needs to be done.

It isn't clear Broner's team has the same discipline, which could be costly as Broner starts staking his claim in the money division.

After claiming Paulie Malignaggi's belt in June, Broner will likely face Argentine Marcos Maidana in December on Showtime PPV. As he did in his last fight, Broner is already making this one ugly. The two got into a scuffle at the Mayweather fight – during which Broner spent the majority of the time yappin' to Denzel Washington, while B-Hop, another fighter Broner ought take a lesson from, kept his eyes on the fight.

Maidana, who didn't have a problem with Broner until their little tussle, had simple words for the young champ, “F*ck Broner.” Golden Boy promoter Richard Schaefer said after the altercation, “Maidana wants to knock his head off.”

Yeah, it's all just talking until they enter the ring, but Maidana can crack. He's earned a knockout in 31 of his 34 victories and doesn't back down.

Broner isn't talking trash to smaller opponents, nor fighting the lightest touch in boxing (Malignaggi) anymore. It will only take one punch to halt all the momentum Broner has built over the last two years.

Plenty of great fighters lose or get knocked out, but that's exactly what Mayweather has avoided for his entire career. He got there through hard work and dedication. Rap videos and pot bellys weren't a part of the equation.