Adrian Peterson To Meet With The Redskins

It seems like every season now we are writing about Adrian Peterson almost pathetically holding onto an NFL career that should have ended years ago. Now a shell of his former Hall of Fame self, the man they called Purple Jesus, once rushed for 2,097 yards coming off an injury that would have forced most mortals into retirement. 

Now he’s a nomad back. A gun-for-hire in search of any team with a backfield deficiency that will allow him to run the rock as he tries to scale the NFLs all-time rushing leader list. 


Adrian Peterson has had a Hall of Fame career… I would take him over [Danny Woodhead, Dion Lewis, Carlos Hyde, Jeremy Hill, Jerick McKinnon, and DeMarco Murray].” @EricDickerson on free-agent RBs

AD sits at No. 12 all-time, but it probably doesnt sit well with him that his contemporary Frank Gore, has almost 1,800 more career rushing yards. Peterson averaged 2.4 yards per carry in his last three games with Arizona last season, but when you have his resume and resilience, teams are going to check for you. 

According to multiple reports, the veteran running back is scheduled to visit the Redskins on Monday. 

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Could Adrian Peterson be a good fit for the #Redskins?

Peterson is 32 and entering his 12th season in the NFL. After blossoming into one of the most electrifying backs the game has ever seen, Petersons Minnesota career ended tumultuously as Peterson missed the 2004 season to deal with an unfortunate child abuse case regarding his son. The situation stained his mage a bit but didnt affect the love Minnesota fans had for their star running back. 

Peterson returned and became the oldest player to win a rushing title, but by 2017 he was a member of the New Orleans Saints and very unhappy with the way head coach Sean Paytonwas utilizing him. From there, he joined the Cardinals, who lost David Johnson and were desperate for running back help. 

Peterson did an admirable job in Arizona, but his season was cut short by a neck injury and overall, his rushing talents are less-needed in this current NFL climate of dual backs and spread offenses. Once the Cardinals cut ties with Peterson in May of 2018, he was out hunting for work again. This time he seems to have found a temporary home with the running back-strapped Redskins. 

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NFL Rushing Yards Per Game, All-Time 1. Jim Brown, 104.3 2. Barry Sanders, 99.8 3. Terrell Davis, 97.5 4. Adrian Peterson, 92.3 5. Eric Dickerson, 90.8 6. Walter Payton, 88.0 7. Clinton Portis, 87.8 8. Le’Veon Bell, 86.1 9. Billy Sims, 85.1 10. Curtis Martin, 83.9

Life is a long-winding road of peaks and valleys. Even the journey of a sports immortal such as Peterson often encompasses magnificently executed moments and colossal failures. The Shadow League also told you back in 2012 that he was “The Comeback Kid.”

His life is a pattern of overcoming tragedy and using football as a bridge to healing his inner wounds.

Petersons best years are behind him, but his name still holds weight in the NFL world and bringing in a future first-ballot Hall of Famer with 12, 276 career rushing yards and some pep left in his step isnt the worst thing in the world for Washington, particularly in the NFC East where the running game must be established despite the aerial dominance that exists.

Redskins left tackle Trent Williams trained daily with Peterson in the summer as Williams worked his way back from knee surgery. Williams and Peterson, who were teammates at the University of Oklahoma, co-own a gym together in Houston and grew up 30 minutes apart from each other in Texas.

Williams told reporters that Peterson can still contribute. 

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Trent Williams says Adrian Peterson hasn’t lost a step, can still be a lead back

Well in that case, welcome back AD. Keep pounding soldier.   

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